“#LoveTheStranger is a new publication that presents a #Catholic response to migrants and refugees. It places the human being at the heart of our pastoral outreach, looking beyond statistics and policies to the person – each with a name, a face and a story”

The following are some of my own tweets responding to a series of tweets by @CatholicEW on 15/03/23:

but it fails to address expressed concerns for a future for the European family of peoples. Do they also not have their rights, including not to be replaced in their own native ancient homelands? eg #Irelandisfull

Reflecting on Jesus the Logos reason it seems unthinkable he would welcome open door mass migration to his homeland Israel, especially after the miraculous return, after almost 2000 years 

a small nuclear family who returned home when safe to do so is rather different from the waves of mass migration with a view to permanent settlement Europe and North America is currently experiencing

I would question a “right to migrate”. You might otherwise describe it as a right to trespass. It can negate the rights of First Nation peoples to their own homelands, eg when sufficient numbers as in Tibet of Han Chinese threaten the identity of the indigenous society

“Migration enriches our culture – we must welcome migrants and refugees so that they can live fulfilled lives in their new country” – “must”? – no acknowledgment of any downside, or the devastation resulting in countries such as Sweden “the rape capital of Europe” @PeterSweden7

@CatholicEW “enrichment”?: RT @Wayne57072607 Illegal immigrant who raped woman with Down’s can’t be deported as he won’t sign paper. Harjit Singh, 48, who has been in the UK for 19 years, is unwilling to co-operate with a Home Office bid to arrange emergency travel documents to get him flown out. https://express.co.uk/news/uk/1205501/illegal-immigrant-rape-harjit-Singh-home-office

imho there is a very real danger that a perception of extreme altruism is met with a negative response, ie that the European isn’t loved by the Almighty or at least that the Catholic Church no longer stands with the European, which after the scandals of abuse would be disastrous

Is not the “second and great” commandment to love our neighbours as ourselves, rather than to the detriment of our own families, communities, and that is including the Christian Church (ie concerns re the Islamification of the West and Christendom)

concluding with a retweet of @CatholicEW:

“We recognise the right of all people to flourish in their homeland; every nation has a duty to uphold this by working for peace, promoting good governance and tackling the causes of poverty”

The enigmatic gate

The enigmatic gate

swings outwards and onwards 

to the far horizons or

in to the intimacy of a close village community 

and the embrace of warm domesticity 

Away to the vision 

of a “transcendent” sun 

up-rising over the sea, 

the pathway to a full moon at night

or ever-changing seascapes and cloud patterns

The seeming paradox 

of rootedness in this Suffolk shoreline

that itself is ever moving 

mostly retreating 

before a force that is overwhelming, erasing all

Through this gate 

and not only in summer 

people pass in enjoyment 

to bathe In sheer delight

or in shock at the cold

Sea anglers fish 

though stocks are depleted. 

The shingle comes and goes 

wrecks are revealed

later to be covered, once again

This is a gateway to happiness, 

contentment of soul,

a sense of freedom of the spirit …

but whilst it remains

and not swept away by the tide

The Cairn has fallen 

A crafted edifice of beauty

comprised of coralline crag

sited on the tide-line

intentionally, known to be at risk  (from the sea)

now (sadly) is no more 


Just scattered pieces remain,

and an excavated pit.

Looking towards Aldeburgh 

you may see a wavey line of bladderack

extending to the distance


Below a grey clouded-sky

to the muffled sound of breaking waves

these honey-coloured stones

declare a new pattern

lain out, all is not lost


of what had stood (here) before.

There can still be a future,

of designed intent

a fresh – albeit different – re-imagining

to arrest the attention of the passer-by

Lest we forget

The displays of poppies and the military parades remind

of the sheer debacle of peoples in conflict

the rehashing of memories and meanings underscoring the slaughter

So many mothers’ sons, the weeping and the wailing

The loss of succeeding generations, and lived out traumas

the broken homeless veterans on the street


There was a time gone vanished almost beyond recall

when there had been an England, the dream is it was merrie

every much as loved (then) as Ukraine is today

a folk memory persisting in but a few.

Lest we forget the dodgy dossier and the million man march

against the war in Iraq, the preemptive strikes and the war-mongery


Lest we forget our persisting culpability selling arms

to such as Saudi Arabia for unspeakable strife in the Yemen

Lest we forget the sending of young men ill-equipped to Helmand

those who returned paraplegic, showing such courage in Invictus Games

Lest we forget all who died in the European sub-continent in fratricidal wars

leaving behind bereavement self-hatred and an elderly dying civilisation


Let us remember the youth with their misplaced patriotism

the heroism of those engaged at the front

who had to face the terrors and triumphs of battle

and reflect what has happened to this legacy, their sacrifices?

– Without a God in whose sight all lives are precious

this would be an incalculable gloom and loss

The Red House, a sign of things to come?

The sea’s rough, the tide’s high

there’s no way over the shingle

to view from below The Red House

the road above is unmade 


How sad and unsettling to see the 

demolition of this red bricked house

the first seen on cliff top entry to Thorpe

Did it have to come to this? 


These cliffs have receded, retreated

in the face of storms and tidal surges,

Attention has been on wind farms cables 

and dreams of nuclear industrialising of the coast


When the house has fallen and been removed

the view will have changed 

perhaps with a fear that more may go? 

but, there is a plan to secure a future *


The State and energy suppliers seek to exploit

perhaps less to contribute.

As with sea defences

there’s been nothing forthcoming


What here has stood may serve to remind

it’s not only at the end of this road

but of much else, being dismantled 

in the “great reset” 


No intervention to secure has led

to this house’s fall

not securing the nation’s borders

can only result in it’s demise


* for the village 

The legacy of our well-beloved Queen

That Queen Elizabeth was a practising Christian, a believer, is in no doubt which somehow in some ways – with ref Pope Francis’ example of humility – seems at odds with the pomp and ceremony being presently associated with her passing

It is unknown the extent to which King Charles III has similarly made the Christian Faith his own?

A major legacy of the Queen’s reign has arisen from her devotion and commitment to the Commonwealth.  She has overseen the dismantling of Empire and the gaining of independence transitioning into sovereign nations under her rule as well as those opting for a republican form of government 

She has witnessed an abandonment of a whites-only Australia policy and seen the overthrow of apartheid in South Africa. The concept of white dominions has been abandoned. 

Undoubtedly compassionate and well intentioned she has supported freedom and self governance, perhaps with a Mandela-like vision of rainbow nations, the eventual outcome of which remains very uncertain

This has been accompanied by the welcome to the “home” or “mother” country of the Windrush generation and other peoples notably Ugandan Asians, other Europeans following the UK joining the EU and more recently Hong Kong Chinese Afghans Ukrainians etc etc, all of which has led to fundamental demographic religious and cultural changes in British society

These may not always have been at the Queen’s volition but have taken place under her reign, even with the backlash and resistance from those who have not welcomed such changes.  She has clearly understood her responsibility to be monarch of all

Meanwhile a multicultural society has emerged visually changing the national life with the building of mosques gurudwaras and the transforming of cities Bradford Leicester Birmingham London etc. There will have been some benefits to society ie providing workers notably in health hospitality and care but there have been other changes less so eg women in burqas female genital mitigation sharia law halal slaughter county lines grooming gangs and non stop government facilitated cross Channel  migrants who are being bused to hotels across the country

The Queen has set an example in respecting others – everyone –  equally but whether in all cases this has been reciprocated is in question

There are those who bring their ancient religion and tribal rivalries and hatred with them: Hindus and Muslims, Sunni and Shia, anti-Christian (and indeed anti-Jewish) bigotry and hostility.  Following the rise of IS it is hardly surprising there may be those who do not recognise the monarchs right to “rule over us”. It may now be questioned whether the UK is any longer capable of providing a “safe” haven for all?

With the Government’s refusal to limit immigration any prospect of assimilation and integration is a pipe dream and the indigenous peoples face instead displacement 

An indication of the alienation of “minorities” is seen recently in the knifing of police officers in Leicester Square by Mohammed Rahman and Mohammad Khan prevented from rushing at the Queen’s coffin whilst lying in state in Westminster Hall

How is it possible for the police to do their job when the Metropolitan police officers are continually slurred with accusations of racism and that after decades of anti racism training?  Can anything anyone overcome this absence of trust?

Seemingly we Brits will never be forgiven for slavery and colonialism even while we are being colonised in reverse. There’s no way Brits can be expected to be loved or appreciated by incomers   There may well have been benefits of Empire to the subjected peoples: health education law democracy faith ie Christianity but these now regarded are as nothing and largely if not completely ignored

Simon Heffer the historian on BBC “Reflections on Majesty” summed up his tribute to the Queen eloquently and with great appreciation but ended with a very uncertain note about the future: “Her death leaves us unsure”, as to the future

We may well be in considerable danger. We have to hope and put our faith and trust in God, and pray for his servant Charles III

The Queen has died, and with her so much more

From that scene in Balmoral of a smiling diminutive Queen Elizabeth in tartan appointing Liz Truss as Prime Minister so much has happened and with rapidity, following meticulous forward planning 

This period of mourning being lived through is proving for most to be a totally extraordinary and immersive experience, unbelievable unexpected, moving, a collective nationwide “group think”

The unifying principle of the monarchy as the embodiment of the nation and its people – the folk – has stood out clearly, continuing to be a popular force in an age antipathetic to such notions

The solemnity of this occasion, the apparent unity of realm church and state has re-emerged with both popular recognition and acclaim: the Queen has died, Long live the King

The repetitive drum beat, the music of the grenadier guards processing from the Palace down the Mall, searing itself into the minds and consciousness of the many, walking empathetically with the cortège 

The continual Queue miles long to visit “her Maj” lying in state, her children taking part in the vigil, and her grandchildren, a silent sign the nation’s grief is palpable in the collective of individuals

Paying respect to Queen Elizabeth is the major part of it, but perhaps also there is that subconscious recognition in grief and sadness of a people that their loss is more than the death of their dear Queen  …

A reply to this debate on Christian and pagan nationalisms from @redicetv

A brief reply to this debate on Christian and pagan nationalisms:

#ChristianNationalism vs #Pagan #Nationalism: There’s Both Conflict & Common Ground Odysee https://odysee.com/@redicetv:1/christian-nationalism-vs-pagan-nationalism-theres-both-conflict-and-common-ground:8… BitChute https://bitchute.com/video/UEC1VKvrYWbt… Rumble https://rumble.com/v1gen39-christian-nationalism-vs-pagan-nationalism-theres-both-conflict-and-common-.html… VK https://vk.com/video-188727070_456239548… GabTV https://tv.gab.com/channel/redicetv/view/christian-nationalism-vs-pagan-nationalism-theres-62fdee4167b900e0d1ef638b…

(An apology for not listening adequately on my iphone and rather just getting the gist of what I feel is necessary to reply to:)

Is it possible to make common cause with Israeli Christian nationalists?

  1. The issue of the legacy of the Second World War has to be of paramount concern. I am certain if there is to be any progress to retrieve our past and secure our futures peoples collectively have to draw a line and move on 
  2. Questioning whether peoples conversions are genuine or not imho is unworthy. As the debate pointed out in the final analysis our lives either do or do not validate our utterances.  I needed to add that it is certainly inaccurate to speak as if certain peoples conversion are not genuine simply because of who they are. I am mindful of speaking with an Israeli Jewish Christian in Jerusalem who shared of how such are regarded as “the lowest of the low”, it takes guts and courage to follow their Messiah if you’re a Jew One has only to consider the growth and development of the Messianic Jewish Christian movement to respect the authenticity and genuineness
  3. Also in actual fact Israel provides a model post WW2 of how ethnic nations are of G-d and their homelands given by the Almighty.   In other words Christian nationalists can make common cause and take inspiration that after an absence from the their homeland of nigh 2000 years they have been able to return and rebuild
  4. This is not to say that Christian nationalists get it all their own way, as they share the apostle Paul’s hope and earnest prayer that “all Israel will be saved”

Regarding whether Catholicism or “the race” made Europe’s civilisation Great?

  1. Surely it is a combination of the two.  The theology is both complex and straightforward about the divinisation of a people by the indwelling presence of Christ.  The glory is of Christ’s  seen best seen and expressed in the highpoints of European Christendom
  2. Sociologists also have attributed the Industrial Revolution in Europe to the Protestant ethic. See Max Weber’s The Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism
  3. What is most marked is the catastrophic decline that has followed the peoples of Europe’s apostasy   Which contrasts with China’s growth economically including coinciding with that of the number of professing Christian’s there 

The Gods of the North

  1. This is not to say Europeans ought not to treasure the truths in the legends of their ancestral past.  
  2. As we are taught there is only the one G-d and these were peoples reaching out for ultimate Reality

Multiple identities

As it is perfectly possible to share fraternally  a similar ideology with other nationalists from other ethnicities  so obviously the unity of Christianity’s may hardly surprise 

It’s not true Christian theology won’t measure up when it comes to the defence of race.  It is seen as part of the God created Creation.  Human diversity in the sense of identity forms an integral part of the biodiversity for which we all are to care  

The Book of Revelations speaks of the distinct peoples at the end time  Such may be presumed to be part of the Almighty’s loving purpose

Raedwald and Wotan

On entering the King’s Hall at Sutton Hoo

It is as though within a temple apprehending

centrally confronted with this replica and enlarged likeness

 of the famous mask or helmet King Raedwald wore

A light plays on the face as if to illustrate

the red garnet and gold foil ornamentation

missing from the left eye , that appears dimmed

an allusion to Odin's losing his sight  for wisdom

On wearing this helmet Raedwald descendant of Odin

would become the bearer of the presence

Here one comes before that or whom represented

the people approach unaware

Raedwald although Christian had two altars

The enigma of the mouthless #Yoxman

The sculptor/artist Laurence Edwards is becoming the voice of the voiceless. In the premier at Snape of the film Yoxman and in the discussion is which he was present that followed afterwards he spoke of his “figures percolating doubt” and “uncertainty”. What do these figures represent?

He spoke of his interest in patination and illustrated this by how much of the locality has been incorporated in his work eg the fragiiity and the markings on the cliffs at Covehithe, elements of trees, eg bark. He summarised the message of Yoxman as: “watch what you do to this place, you are it”

He’s not a man with an ego ,as he remarked he’s “looking forward to when it is no known who made it (Yoxman)

It was described as “vulnerable” “reticent”, “in a daze”” at being “exposed” in the specially created landscape setting of mound and lake at Yoxford

Robert McFarland spoke of a magic as this figure was conjured up, Laurence himself of the process of creation being akin to Shelley’s Frankenstein

Calvin of the Sainsbury Centre commented it was specifically “non heroic” or macho”.

Perhaps as a token to the period of covid we have been living through there is no evident mouth, as if masked …

As if voiceless. All the wild places that are endangered by destruction and removal by money greed insensitivity unaccountability unconnectedness with with these local quasi-animistic forces even spirits.

It is as a cry to those who are here who truly belong to reconnect with the coastline the streams rivers mud-creeks the Sandlings woodlands and hedgerows countryside – all the wild places – to stand up for and truly represent , and to save these wondrous elemental forces and energies from threatened obliteration

He perhaps doesn’t intend this? but it is possible to read into his conception the idea of an equivalence of a people with their landscape and the cry for them to awake to take responsibility for what and whom they are there to care

Perhaps there may be a connection or parallel between the Yoxman and Tolkien’s Ents who were to join forces with the Fellowship of the Ring in that wider confrontation of the age?